Tenemos el privilegio de trabajar con los  mejores  escritores, directores, productores y músicos de la industria . Con una experiencia  por mas de 15 años  representando al talento  Hispano que también incluyen músicos,  chef, conductores de TV y radio.


Somos apasionados para  desarrollar proyectos creativos e innovadores y nuestro principal propósito es agregar valor a los tradicionales servicios de producción.


En crecimiento constante desde 2002 hemos producido series de TV, teatro y demos para ventas internacional, así mismo generamos contenidos exitosos para algunos de canales de América latina.

Solange Rivero began her career as a producer and host of television in 1983 on «Nosotros Venezuela», broadcasted by CVTV (Venezuelan Television in Caracas, Venezuela). There she had a great opportunity to work with and learn from Isa Dobles, world-renown journalist, television producer and political analyst.

At the same time, she engaged in scouting and managing musicians and produced video clips for numerous artists, which got her involved in the process of casting actors, models and extras.

It was working with Franco de Vita in his «Al Norte Del Sur» video that propelled her into the international market. Towards the end of 1991, she moved to Miami, where she established Aisha Enterprises, Inc. and continued working with multi-national corporations such as Sony Music, among others.


Under the direction of Solange, Aisha Enterprises, Inc. has been privileged to work with some of the best minds in the Telenovelas industry.


Currently represents:

Ibrahim Guerra; playwright and telenovelas writer. Jorg Hiller; Colombian writer for telenovelas and film. Manuel Mendoza; Venezuelan playwright and telenovelas writer. Gisela Fabelo writer for telenovelas. Jose Vicente Diaz Rojas; playwright and telenovelas writer. Alberto Lamata; films and telenovelas director. Luis Manzo; director of film and telenovelas. Abraham Vivas ; telenovela and Theatre Producer. Ignacio Gonzalez; director of photography telenovelas. Wilhem Perez; artistic director films, television shows and telenovelas. Yuldor Gutierrez; Colombian director and creative producer whom in turn is partners with Aisha. The Young Famous Actress Kimberly Dos Ramos , amongst other actors, producers and directors.


Solange has successfully introduced her artists in the Latin American market. Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and many others; all have developed important projects in the Latin American Telenovela industry with professionals represented by Aisha Enterprises, Inc. Some of these soap operas are: «La Hija Del Jardinero», «Belinda» and «Vuélveme a Querer» written by Mariela Romero, transmitted in Mexico – TV Azteca, with a total workforce represented by Solange (Aisha Enterprises, Inc.). In the year 2008/2009 writer Mariela Romero wrote «ISA TKM», a successful kids project on the screen shown by Nickelodeon Latin America in which Aisha Enterprises, Inc. was in partnership with Nickelodeon and Sony International Television Latin America. In 2011 she debuted as the executive producer along with director and producer Yuldor Gutierrez in Nickelodeon Latin America project «GRACHI” also written by Mariela Romero.



  • Kid Choice, Kid Choice Award, 2011 Best TV Series Nickelodeon Latin America
  • Kid Choice, Kid Choice Award, 2012 Best TV Series Nickelodeon Latin America
  • Honored to be part of the Emmy award 2014