Lance Dos Ramos De Sousa, is a Venezuelan model, singer, conductor actor, of Portuguese parents, born in Caracas on April 4, 1987 , also brother of actress Kimberly Dos Ramos. Lance started his career in the world of television and commercials at the age of 8 years participating in the dance academy ” The Mini Pops” with participation in the number one Saturday program of Venezuelan TV ” Sensational Saturday ” of Venevision Channel, one of the main channels in television Venezuela , on par with commercial and pictures for advertising. Lance at his young age began to dabble in telenovelas , specifically Venevision , where I make 5 draft : “Target Women ” “When There Passion” ” Te Regalo Christmas ” and ” While Can Dream ” between 1997 and 2001. After professional experience acquired in the channel, happened to be hired by another channel major TV in the country and main competitor Venevision as is RCTV , where I am part of the main cast of the ” Natalia 8 to 9 ” that took place in 2004 . His career continued to grow and Lance step to position itself as one of the most important young players in Venezuela , then to that in the same year was hired as young protagonist of the novel “Sabor A Ti ” on Venevision . In 2006 on the same channel participated in ” The Querendones ” and thereafter continued doing projects in the two most important channels in the country with active participation : “I got in Salsa ” RCTV in 2007, “No I will say as Quererte “RCTV 2008.

Lance has been the face of recognized importance for brands and international reach as Macdonald ‘s, Pesi -Cola , Oscar Mayer , and has also been the official voice of different products and advertising campaigns in Venezuela . His preparation was not limited to acting but also in dancing continued preparing and singing, I’m part of the ” Dancing Academy Maryorie Flowers ” , one of the most important and major dance academies in Venezuela . I’m also part of the musical group “Full Kids” from 1999 to 2003 , Academy singing ” Felicia Canetti ” 2000 and ” Mayre Martinez ” in 2009 . Lance also ventured into television animation and driving and events.

Between 2005 and 2008 , he was the principal conductor of the only youth sports program , broadcast over the airwaves for the entire country , “Noticiero Meridianito ” the only sports channel in Venezuela Meridian TV. He also encouraged the beauty pageant “Miss Venezuela Sport ” in its first three editions, the “American Model Venezuela ” event in 2009 and 2010 and the event college beauty “Miss Edoardo Cream ” .

Lance has always thought of his training as a complete artist , in 1999 he participated in the Venezuelan film ” Between Love and the Ball ” for History Channel and HBO documentary ” Teachable ” 2001, and now on the big screen of Venezuelan film in the movie “Memoirs of A Soldier ” in 2010 , a film that has been awarded in several film festivals and Venezuela also recognized in the International film Festival of Shanghai in 2011 . Besides acting, animation, modeling , singing and dancing , Lance has also shown his talent in the tables , as part of Musical Kids International ” Grachi the live show ” , between 2011 and 201, whose tour was carried out in major theaters in Mexico and Argentina , work that emerged from the World Television Series ” Grachi a World Wonderfully Magical ” on Nickelodeon international chain , which was recorded in Miami – Usa, and in which Lance participated as a leading actor, serial consolidated its internationalization. Following in the field of acting, participated in the 2013 novel ” Husband For Rent ” of the American Telemundo . Where participation shares with her sister and actress Kimberly Dos Ramos. Lance Dos Ramos is a complete artist , who is constantly preparing for new projects and always focusing on continuing to grow as a human being and as a professional .

Actor, Presentador